On December 26, some netizens uploaded a video of pandas

On December 26, some netizens uploaded a video of pandas

playing with kitchen knives. In the video, the panda “Mengmeng”

holds a kitchen knife in both hands and puts it on his face. Some visitors see it and shout at the panda, “It’s too dangerous, throw it away, throw it away”, and then “Mengmeng” throws the kitchen knife away. Video has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

Today (December 27), the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base responded by saying that on December 26, at 9 am, the on-duty keepers replaced new enrichment items and added bamboo for them at the Mengmeng Stadium,

because the kitchen knife used to cut the rope of the original enrichment items was forgotten in the stadium. “Mengmeng” found the kitchen knife in the stadium and put it in his hand to play. The security guard on duty next to the stadium soon found

out and notified the keeper. The keeper immediately took “Mengmeng” back to the veterinary shed, took the kitchen knife away, and made a detailed inspection of “Mengmeng”

to confirm that she had not been harmed, and then put it back to the stadium.

According to the base, the keeper has always been careful in his daily work,

full of deep feelings for each giant panda, and is very sorry and self-reproached for his negligence. In order to deeply learn the lesson and seriously work discipline, the base has made the following treatment to

the breeders concerned: 1. Convening a general meeting of all breeders to give serious criticism and education to the breeders, requiring all breeders to take precautions; 2. I submit a written review and report criticism

within the base; 3. Canceling the qualifications of the excellent staff of the breeder this year; 4. Deducting the performance of the breeders. Effective salary; 5. Deduction of performance salary of relevant managers. The accident exposed the shortcomings of the base management. The base is profoundly


introspective and will comprehensively

check the loopholes in the work,

cite one example from another,

and rectify the problems as soon as possible.


The original title of Feng Chenqing’s cartography:

The original title of Feng Chenqing’s cartography:

Ruisheng coffee lost more than 800 million yuan: with large-scale subsidies to attract visitors to question the profit model is still uncertain?

Because of the recent completion of the B round of financing, the financial data of Ruisheng Coffee has also been exposed by the media. In the first three quarters of

this year, the total sales revenue of Ruisheng coffee was 375 million yuan, with a gross profit loss of 433 million yuan and a net loss of 857 million yuan.

The loss data has surprised the outside world, and Ruisheng coffee has also been questioned for its large-scale

subsidization of customers. Over the past few years, in Internet entrepreneurship, a large number of companies have

emerged to cultivate consumer habits through subsidies, but the model has proved unsustainable, because there is no profitable model.

However, Ruisheng coffee did not disclose specific financial data details to reporters. Surprisingly, Ruisheng Coffee seems to be quite calm about the loss

data. It told reporters, “It’s certain that we will lose much more in the whole year than that. It is our established strategy to

quickly occupy the market through subsidies, and the losses are in line with our expectations.

It is reported that in less than a year since the trial operation in January this year, 12 million consumers have sold more than 85 million cups. Therefore,

in the B round of financing, Ruisheng Coffee received another $200 million from the same group of investors, with a post-investment valuation of $2.2 billion.

It is worth noting that after this round of financing, the book cash of Ruisheng Coffee still has more than 400 million dollars, which is ample.

In just five months, the post-investment valuation from Round A to Round B doubled, and the rapid expansion of

Ruisheng coffee made the industry stand out. Whether we can find a suitable business model and how to make profits has become the main observation direction of the market.

Not long after the announcement of round B financing, Yang Fei, co-founder of Ruisheng Coffee, launched a circle of

friends. Among them, it explained the model of Ruisheng coffee: “profit model

(every single profit), subsidy model (first blog then contract), marketing model (own flow pool) think very clearly.”

An insider also told reporters that the reason why Ruisheng coffee would lose money was largely due to the initial

subsidies and the large amount of cash consumed by opening stores. From the background of Ruisheng Coffee,

executives from the Shenzhou Department are familiar with the pattern of robbing users with subsidies, crawling and rolling in the Internet industry,

which is the most competitive in China.

An important criterion for judging whether Ruisheng coffee will continue to lose money is whether subsidies will decline in the follow-up market behavior.

Generally speaking, spending huge sums of money to subsidize the market is considered to foster consumption habits. But the habit of drinking coffee has

become very popular in the first and second tier cities, and it is not as new as

online car appointment and sharing bicycles. Therefore, some people question the necessity of Richter’s coffee subsidy.

Qian Zhiya, the founder of Ruisheng Coffee, once said that user subsidies are

an established strategy to occupy the market in the short term. It will take a long time to adopt the subsidies strategy in the future, but it will adjust its

strength moderately. Yang Fei also said in the aforementioned circle of friends

that the new retail coffee meets more “gentle” competitors than bicycles, online dating cars and other cruel

competitive environment, so from the amount of subsidies, it is far less exaggerated.

Secondly, the sales of coffee shops are diversified. In addition to coffee, they also include dessert, light food and other product lines. While selling coffee, they can also create more revenue growth points.

At the same time, many outlets of

Ruisheng coffee are smaller and

more intensive, and the cost of

opening a shop is relatively low.


Four years ago, we saw Liangchen for the first time at the donation

Four years ago, we saw Liangchen for the first time at the donation

event of Baicao Road Primary School in Wuhou District, Chengdu. He had no nails on his hands and feet, no eyebrows on his face, and walked slowly with his body bent, a little like the grunt in the movie The Lord of the Rings.

We followed him home, and in the greasy cabin with the glass windows, we watched him unfold the fresh-keeping film under the “little sun” and wrap his skin tremblingly, which was covered with deep and shallow bloodstains and pus. The shock and suffering of his heart were beyond words.

From that day on, the report of “Fresh Film Boy” aroused the attention of the whole city and even the whole country. Hospitals, enterprises and loved ones all lent a helping hand. The roses that bloomed in the summer of 2014 are still fragrant.

Fathers and sons know many professional doctors and loved ones, know parents and children who have the same experience, and “good old people” inspire and inspire each other. The original narrow road was spacious. Up to now, a Chinese doctor living in Australia still sends medicine to Liang Chen from friends in Beijing every few months.

“Others have helped us a lot. Help me to thank them.” Liu Zhaolan always mentioned all kinds of help from loving people in the past four years. He buried himself in doing his own thing, went his own way, and laughed loudly and cheerfully. Looking at him, one can’t help thinking of the sentence in Maupassant’s novel Life: “Life can’t be as good as you think, but it can’t be as bad as you think.”

May they live a safe life. West China Metropolitan Daily – Cover News Reporter Xie Fukan Li Yuanli Photography Li Qiang

Meet again from 1.1 metres to 1.3 metres

Liu’s father and son from Baimiao Village, Shuangfeng Town, Longchang County, Neijiang City, are still floating in Chengdu.

Four years ago, they lived in a humble rental house at No. 4, Group 8, Tiefu, Tujin Street, Chengdu. Four years later, see you again. It’s 39 Muyumiao Street, Tuqiao, just 3 kilometers away from the straight line.

Here are several old residential buildings, the appearance of which is almost the same as most of the old residential areas in Chinese cities. Winter weather is gloomy, with a certain degree of cold decadence. After knocking at the door for a long time, I heard the clattering of the lock, a little face wrapped in the hat protruded hesitantly, and the hot air came on my face. A cabinet air conditioner stands three steps away from the door, and the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

“Did your father tell you we were coming?”


Liu Zhaolan, his father, was still on his way home. Liu Liangchen nodded and responded vaguely. His arms were slightly open like penguins, and his feet were wearing a pair of summer sandals. That should be to avoid rubbing against the fabric too much.

Compared with a single room four years ago, the two rooms and one hall rented at present are obviously much more spacious. The rent is four times that of the previous house, and the landlord knows his family’s condition, and it’s 200 yuan cheaper. Despite the same old, messy, light is not good, but for good or ill, father and son can be one room.

Liu Liangchen’s bedroom door is facing the air-conditioner. There are bottles, cans, medicines, snacks and drinks on the table. There are books in the corner of the bed against the wall, and a handful of Ukraini lying on the books. At this moment, there is a war drama movie “Qixia Temple 1937” on TV. He watched it for a while and tuned to the channel of “The God-Enclosing List”.

“I don’t like Dai Zi most. She killed many people… He likes Jiang Ziya best. He is a loyal minister. He pulled out a smile. Sometimes his pronunciation was vague and he couldn’t hear clearly.

EB not only affects the skin, but also may involve extracutaneous tissues and organs, such as malnutrition, growth retardation, hand and foot deformities, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract narrowing and so on.


Eighteen-year-old Liu Liangchen still looks like a child,

not much different from four years ago. At that time,

he was 1 meter 1 tall and weighed about 40 kilograms.

Now the figures are 1 meter 3 tall and 70 kilograms.


Some time ago, the “overlord man” on the high-speed railway

Some time ago, the “overlord man” on the high-speed railway


became popular. People naturally scorned this behavior. Unexpectedly, a “overlord man” appeared on a train recently. He forcibly occupied the berths of other passengers and harassed other female passengers.

That night, on the K117 train from Beijing West to Panzhihua, a drunken man seized other people’s berths and harassed female passengers in the same carriage. The police rushed to deal with them.

Passenger: “He scolded the conductor. I heard that he was going to drive the man to the upper berth. He said I paid for it. I bought it. The conductor knew it.”

Passenger: “He came to touch me, then I pulled his hand away and touched me again. I pulled his hand away. I patted my child and made him sleep. He took my hand again, and then he pulled him away.”

In order not to affect the normal rest of other passengers in the carriage, the police immediately took the man to the dining car to wake up. Unexpectedly, the man did not know how to repent, but threatened to buy the whole carriage.

Man concerned: In this case, let me tell you, I bought that car directly. I don’t need any money. I bought it! uuuuuuuuuuu Man concerned: In this case, let me tell you, I bought that car directly. I don’t need any money. I bought it! uuuuuuuuuuu

Policeman: This is not your home. This is public transport. It won’t be sold to you.

Man: It’s not your home either. You can buy it if you have money.

Since then, the man continued to make noise in the dining car and the police took restraint measures against him. In the process of restraint, the man was emotionally agitated and poked his finger at the policeman’s face, causing injury to the policeman’s face. The policeman then used the restraint belt to control him and waited for him to wake up. After the train arrived at Xiangyang Station, the policeman took the man to the police station for investigation.

At present, the man

has been given

administrative detention by

Xiangyang Railway Police for 8 days.


The entertainment industry’s gorgeous Gorin Renewal

The entertainment industry’s gorgeous Gorin Renewal has not produced many works in the past year, but the topic has been very high.Kenny


For example, in the summer, he published a microblog of medical staff in a Beijing hospital suspected of leaking his personal information, which attracted numerous netizens. For example, he and Wang Likun let netizens see the relationship in the clouds and mists…

No way, people are handsome, every word and deed will be noticed. Even Lin Renewal’s seven-word microblog will be sent directly to the top of the hot search list.

Today, Lin Renewal has posted a micro-blog – “Lin Renewal Regrets Renewal”, a total of seven words, even without punctuation.

Lin Renewal Weibo

Unexpectedly, this short seven words quickly aroused the strong concern and heated discussion of the vast number of netizens. In just one hour, there were 25,000 comments and nearly 160,000 compliments.

Netizens commentary

In the comments of tens of thousands of netizens, the vast majority of them are looking around for pleasure. It seems that Lin Renewal said his unhappiness made everyone happy. So netizens laughed at Lin Renewal — “real-time update of forest renewal”, “online update of forest renewal”, “abandon update of forest renewal”, “loading update of forest renewal”, “continuous update of forest renewal”…

Netizens commentary

Xiaobian also feels very happy when he sees these comments from netizens – are you so happy when he sees your love beans? There are even netizens who are not too busy to think of big things, saying, “What about the matching maps? What about self-timer matching?


You are so bad!

Of course, there are also many netizens speculating that Lin Renewal in the end “updated” what will be so regretful?

“It must be very annoying and regretful that we have to release our emotions by microblogging!” “Updated can not be cancelled, can not be restored, poor.” “It’s a long lesson this time, and it won’t be renewed next time!”

Of course, many people have guessed that Lin Renewal this time refers to the “Wechat Update” that we have been discussing for two days. Many people express that the update is particularly inappropriate and regret one after another. Of course, it’s just a possibility. After all, forest regeneration is not specific.

Regret, and can not say anything specific regret, but it is really annoying enough.

However, Lin Renewal would have some comfort if he knew that he could get so much attention from netizens because of his regret.


However, it’s better not to know if Lin Renewal would regret the seven-character microblog even more if he saw the netizens laughing so happily and making fun of their messages and comments. Ha-ha.

It can only be said that this session of netizens is too excellent!

People don’t all say that girlfriends and buddies are the most unreliable. You cry so loudly and complain about your unhappiness. Maybe the other party’s hearts are all smiling and blooming? It’s not how ugly human nature is, but how cute it is to see your pain.

Xiaobian once walked and fell in the winter, never forgetting the two girlfriends around him laughing like flowers and twitches!

Comfort Lin Renewal, although Xiaobian also feel funny.

So what, your first instinct forest

renewal regrets “renewal” after all?

Welcome to leave a message for discussion.


On December 22, Jay Chou highlighted his love and

On December 22, Jay Chou highlighted his love and

sunshine the luxury car that his wife Kunling gave him. It is reported that the price of this Lamborghini luxury car is at least 3 million yuan. In the photo,

Jay Chou holds Kunling’s cheek and kisses his wife with love. However, it is rare that Jay Chou’s high-profile show of love has been stolen by criticism. Lin Shuhao commented that you should send her an airplane.

Jay Chou was given a luxury car in Kunling

From the posting of Jay Chou’s personal social networking website, we can see that Jay Chou spent Christmas ahead of time with his friends. While exchanging gifts at Christmas, Jay Chou claimed that his wife Kunling had surprised him with his friends. Through a series of game instructions, Kunling took her husband Jay Chou to the garage. When she saw the gifts Kunling prepared, Jay Chou said she was frightened and silly.

Kunling delivers her husband Jay Chou’s luxury car

Originally, the gift Kunling prepared for Jay Chou was a luxury car, Lamborghini. According to netizens, the price of this luxury car is at least 3 million oh. Netizens joke that the rich are millions of people. However, Zhou Dong’s car is not a luxury car, and this time Kunling sent Zhou Jielun Lamborghini very normal, not surprisingly, after their marriage, they have been in good mood, two children and a family of four into a happy home.

Jay Chou of Kunling

And Jay Chou said that for the first time, she was given a car by a woman, expressing her gratitude to Kunling for planning and preparing her birthday gift. Jay Chou’s birthday on January 18, it seems that Kunling is ready for Jay Chou’s birthday gift early. However, even though Jay Chou


plays high-profile show of love, but not as

good as his friend Lin Shuhao’s comments,

Lin Shuhao suggested that Jay

Chou return an aircraft to Kunling.


Recently, Shenzhen police broke down the

Recently, Shenzhen police broke down the illegal fund-raising platform

of “Wealth China”. Six suspects were detained by the police in accordance with the law on suspicion of “illegally absorbing public deposits”. The victims of this case are all over the country, involving a total amount of 1.19 billion yuan.

In January this year, Futian police received clues that Shenzhen Fortune Home Financial Network Technology Services Co., Ltd. and its P2P platform “Fortune China” had the problem of illegal fund-raising. After receiving the report, the police immediately launched an investigation with the financial regulatory agency on the enterprise. Through a series of investigations, such as checking the company’s accounts, inquiring the relevant personnel, and transferring the company’s running water, it was confirmed that there were related illegal and criminal acts in the enterprise.

After investigation, the police found that there are four problems in “Wealth China”: firstly, unlawful fund-raising activities without the approval of relevant departments; secondly, publicizing relevant illegal fund-raising business to the public through various channels; thirdly, falsely promising to repay principal, interest or interest (guaranteed principal and interest) within a certain period of time by means of currency,

material objects and equity; fourthly, paying principal and interest (guaranteed principal and interest) to the public, that is, no specific object. Illegal absorption of funds.

High returns often mean high risks. “Fortune China” attracts users’investment with high interest rates, promising users an annual interest rate of up to 14%. In this case, the owner invested millions of

yuan in the platform.

“Fortune China has not acquired relevant financial qualifications, so it can only carry out point-to-point lending business, mainly using information asymmetry for profit.” Fukuda police officers said that “Fortune China” used the platform to issue false targets and raise funds illegally. The police will never

tolerate such illegal activities and resolutely crack down on them.

In addition, the Shenzhen police found in the investigation that the “Fortune China” platform operation group also controls another platform “car demanding”. At present, the police have combined the two platforms for investigation.

At the beginning of August this year, after grasping the relevant evidence

chain, the Futian police launched a heavy punch and sentenced six suspects, Li Mobao, Lu Mouwei, Li Mouyu, Zhang Mouzhu, Pang Mouhui and Zhong Moutao, to “the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits”. At the same time, the police froze the company’s bank account, seized the company’s property, and other assets involved are still

under further investigation.

Next, the recovered funds and

assets will be uniformly liquidated by

the people’s court after judgment.


Jiwei News, following the United States, Japan, Australia

Jiwei News, following the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, expressed concern about the risk of Huawei’s network equipment, and even decided not to purchase Huawei’s related products. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis ordered 18 days to ban government office staff from using Huawei mobile phones.

On the same day, Hu Houkun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, said that Huawei’s security concerns were unfounded.

Dusan Navratil, director of NCISA, said system administrators in key information infrastructures, whether in the national or private sectors, should take “appropriate measures” to address the threat. In fact,

the day before Babbis ordered, the Czech National Network Information Security Agency (NCISA) issued a statement

warning companies not to use software and hardware produced by Huawei and ZTE, saying it might pose a security threat, according to a survey by the Czech government and allies.

Now, as soon as Czech Prime Minister Babbitt issued an order, in addition to the

immediate suspension of Huawei mobile phones by

employees in the Prime Minister’s office, even the Ministry

of Industry and Trade said it would follow Prime Minister Babbitt’s decision, believing that other government departments would ban them one by one.

In fact, after the Czech National Network and Information Security Agency issued the

above statement, a spokesman for Huawei responded by denying that there was a “security threat”.

It said: We firmly deny any claim that we pose a threat to national security. Call on NCISA to provide evidence instead of tarnishing Huawei’s reputation without any evidence. In addition, network

security has always been Huawei’s top priority, and Huawei is a trusted partner of all the major telecom service providers in Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic banned Huawei’s claim that communications products pose a threat to national security. India invited Huawei to test 5G because its comprehensive strength is significantly

greater than that of its competitors.

Huawei responded to recent 5G

reports: some reports are inconsistent

with facts or misinterpreted.


On December 15, the blogger “Hua always lost his Golden hoop

On December 15, the blogger “Hua always lost his Golden hoop stick” wrote that he was threatened with death. Someone confided to him, “Find you and kill you”. Beijing police have filed a case for acceptance, Huazhong said Sunday. On November 14,

Recently, “Huazhuan lost the Golden hoop stick” (hereinafter referred to as “Huazhuang”) entrusted lawyers to send lawyer letters to Guiyang Hilton Garden Hotel and InterContinental Hotels Group respectively, requesting

that the disclosure of personal information of “Huazhuang” be explained within the deadline, otherwise, the legal responsibility of the hotel concerned will be investigated by legal means, or according to

the direction of the case, the European Union will launch a campaign against the hotel involved. Transnational lawsuits against hotels for violation of the EU General Data Protection Ordinance.

Prior to this, Huazhong released a video “The Secret of the Cup” on Weibo, revealing the hygienic chaos in 14 five-star hotels. Later, the personal passport information of Huazhong was leaked twice. The employees of Hantang Hilton

Garden Hotel in Guiyang said that they should notify each other when Huazhong checks in to take precautions. The employees of InterContinental Hotel Group commented on “ugly people do more weird things”. Since then, both hotels have made official apologies.

On December 15, the blogger “Hua always lost his Golden hoop stick” wrote that he was threatened with death. Someone confided to him, “Find you and kill you”. Beijing police have filed a case for acceptance, Huazhong said Sunday. On November 14,

Related news

“Huazhong” offered a reward of 100,000 yuan to collect effective information and decided to defend rights after it was leaked.

Netizens “flower always lost the Golden hoop stick” (hereinafter referred to as “flower always”) after exposing many hotel health problems, personal information was leaked by some hotel staff. In the afternoon of December 11,

“Huazhong” sent out a reward advertisement through micro-blog, saying, “reward RMB 100,000 yuan for collecting effective clues and evidence, looking for the source of leaking my identity information,

and keeping the identity of the person who provided the clues confidential”. At the same time, said that once involved in the dissemination of their personal identity information, as long as the initiative to contact their attorneys, cooperate with the identification of upstream leakers, will not be investigated and

kept confidential.

In response, Zhou Zhaocheng, the attorney for Huazhong, said that after the personal information of Huazhong was leaked, he went to the hotel concerned for negotiation and never made any claim for compensation.

He just wanted the hotel to trace the source of the information leak, but the hotel did not cooperate with this request.

Regarding the reward advertisement issued by Huazhong, lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng

said that if someone could provide “effective clues and evidence to disclose the identity information of Huazhong”, Huazhong would always be willing to pay the reward of 100,000 yuan.

“This is a helpless move after the general information

of flowers has been repeatedly leaked,

and it also reflects our determination to safeguard our rights in the end.”

Earlier reports

Five-star hotel health scandal exposure, after more than 30 hours of fermentation, “flowers always lost the Golden hoop stick” once again released a micro-blog, saying:

“Guiyang Hilton Garden, you hotel I do not live, and you are illegal.”

On November 16, a screenshot of the chat records of Wechat Groups came

out of the Internet. The screenshot shows that in a group called “selling HGI-FDBD”,

a netizen named “Guiyang Hilton Garden GSM ERIN” sent a passport message of “Huazhong” and notified the group to pay attention to the person.

“In the past few days, the guest name XXX of room attendant washing cups and other

operating procedures was published on micro-blog. When the guest arrives at the hotel, please pay attention to it.” If you see this person, you should notify each other about the reservation.

The Hotel responded that Wechat screenshots did not show anything.


“Huazhong” then told Peng Mei News that he had never checked in at the Hilton Garden Hotel in

Guiyang himself. How could the other party have their own passport personal information? “I guess it’s people from Guiyang or the hotel circle who pass on information to each other.

They can’t do well in hygiene.

They also spread information about their

guests in such a straightforward manner.

This is absolutely personal privacy.”



Recently, when Du Chun appeared on a variety show

Recently, when Du Chun appeared on a variety show, he made his own views on the incident of inserting a knife in 2012. Du Chun said he was not a brother with Yin Xiaotian at that time. They just worked together. At the beginning, they just wanted to uphold justice. They were not “inserting knives”, but did not understand what they had been told.

Du Chun has also been on the hot search for this matter, and netizens have been talking about this matter in succession.

Now Xiaobian takes you back to the story of “Cutter Teaching”. In 2012, Yin Xiaotian had a physical conflict with actress Bian Xiaoxiao. In the early morning of June 25, Yin Xiaotian Weibo denied that he was

fighting against her, but Bian Xiaoxiao insisted that he was beaten by Yin Xiaotian.

Subsequently, Li Chen, Jia Nailiang, Du Chun, Li Xiaolu, the article, Ning

Caishen, Xue Jianing and Wang Luodan stood in line to support Bian Xiaoxiao under the premise of not knowing the truth, and scolded Xiaotian for beating women. Han Xue, Nie Yuan, Yang Zi and others wrote in support of Yin Xiaotian, saying that they believed in Yin Xiaotian as a human being and did not believe that he would beat women, which is bound to be misunderstood.

Since then, Yin Xiaotian has been deeply involved in the whirlpool of public

opinion, and the scandal of fighting against him has made him notorious. Since then, his career has also been destroyed.

Shortly afterwards, on-site surveillance video was exposed. In the video,

Xiao Xiao’s momentum pressed people to rush up and fight with Yin Xiaotian’s nose. Yin Xiaotian just pushed her away and was not “

beaten by the man’s hair” as Bian Xiaoxiao said before. But even if the video is sent out, it can’t recover the losses that have been caused to Yin Xiaotian. Since then, Yin Xiaotian has gradually faded out of the entertainment circle.

The so-called “brothers with two ribs insert knives” in ancient times, but now Li Chen, Du Chun and others insert brothers with two knives for women, so there is the “insert knife” teaching, and then there are the

church master and a group of missionaries. Strange to say, the status quo of these “cutter” stars is very similar today.

After Li Chen and Fan Bingbing announced their love affair, their career has been going smoothly. After their engagement last year, they were once reported to be close to good news. But Fan Bingbing, who almost reached the peak of his career, suffered a heavy blow in 2018 because of something unspeakable. Now Fan Bingbing is

hopeless to recover, and Li Chen has become much lower-key.

Du Chun’s father, Du Zhiguo, abandoned her after being exposed to rape a woman to make her pregnant at the beginning of this year. However, this matter was denied by Du Zhiguo himself. At the same time,

Du Zhiguo was deeply trapped in the whirlpool of “peach-colored Rashomon” public opinion, and his reputation was greatly affected.

Jia Nailiang’s wife, Li Xiaolu, was exposed at the end of 2017. Li Xiaolu then

carried out a six-month process of safeguarding rights, denying her derailment and condemning media rumors. But even if Li Xiaolu won the case, it would be more difficult for her to come back now.

Yao Di has been scolded for cheating in marriage, while Ning Caishen has disappeared because of drug abuse.

Han Xue, who supported Yin Xiaotian, stepped into the front line of female stars

because of the reddening of Sheng Ling Ji, Yang Zi stepped out of the shadow of children’s stars, starring in “Sweet and Sweet as Frost”; Nie Yuan returned to the public’s horizon because of the reddening of “Yanxi Strategy”…

All in all, the stars who used to “insert knives” to print Xiaotian are not so successful now, while the stars who supported the print Xiaotian ushered in a turning point in their lives,


almost all of them turned red.

It’s a pity that Yin Xiaotian,

an excellent actor, was buried

because of a misunderstanding.