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The BJP has projected Gandhi as a “Chinese propagandist.

raving about China,” BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was quoted as saying in The Times of India.

The BJP has also questioned the “request” of the Chinese ambassador to give a ceremonial send-off to Gandhi for his Mansarovar trip. “When Rahul Gan

dhi went for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, a letter was sent by the Chinese ambassador to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) that he wanted to give Rah

ul Gandhi a ceremonial send-off. This protocol is limited to heads of state or government and leader of opposition. No

w it is clear why China wanted to extend this protocol to Rahul Gandhi. Yatra was just an excuse, he had to meet Chinese ministers and discuss so

mething. The cat is out of the bag today, and the Congress needs to clarify,” Patra told Hindustan Times. The BJP didn’t stop at that. It als

o dug into Gandhi’s earlier meeting with the Chinese envoy in India during the Doklam standoff.

If the developments are any indication, the BJP is desperate to raise any issue which could work in its favor in the elections with the mood of the general

masses not looking positive towards the party. It wants to eliminate the anti-incumbency factor and divert the at

ention of the masses from more pressing issues. The main opposition has alleged the BJP failed to keep its promise of

generating 20 million jobs in a year. The opposition is also repeatedly raising the Rafale fighter jet deal to counter M

odi’s take on corruption. Now the BJP strategists feel playing the China card, to a certain extent, could help the ruling party in this matter.

But experts say such issues are not going to impact the elections. “China card will prove to be of litt

le or just no help for the BJP,” says Ajay Jha, a prominent Delhi-based journalist who is an expert in Chinese affairs.



Most women are moved by the amount of effort that me

 exert to secure gifts or arrange a romantic evening, while men often seek th

e easiest means and least efforts needed to accomplish the much-disliked ob

ligation of purchasing Valentine’s Day presents for their beloved or selecting a romantic spot to awe them on Valentine’s Day.

On one hand, men might put much emphasis on the monetary value of the gifts that they buy or the cost of spending a ro

mantic Valentine’s Day. They believe that expensive gifts and extravagant settings for the event will endear them to th

e hearts of their loved ones. On the other hand, women might evaluate the romantic gestures on sentimental values.

Most men have to the tendency to be lazy when it comes to buying Valentine’s Day g

ifts. Some are inclined to purchase things that might be practical yet not so ro

mantic. Receiving such gifts might dampen any romantic aspirations a woman may have for Valentine’s Day.

From discussions with students through my teaching assignments, I discovered that most of these young men are too tim

id to show their romantic feelings. However, they are slowly becoming bolder in dealing with their affections.



In addition, a job was arranged for him by local authorities

who also offered free skill training to every fisherman onshore.

“In the past, I would have never imagined that one day I would live onshore working and ha

ve my own house. All of this would not have happened without the help of the government,” said Chen.

Now, after continuous efforts, the lake is coming back to life. Water quality has largely bee

n rehabilitated and the number of wild birds living on the lake has risen from 2,000 to more than 100,000.

The local government also set up three lake-patrol stations around Honghu Lake to protect the w

ater, plants and wild birds, guarding a water area of 17,000 hectares around the clock.

“The water is clean again, ducks are coming back and I’m so glad to see all the changes,” Chen said.

Recalling the old days living on boats, Chen Yuxiang said that the life was hard. “Children had

to be bound by a string in case they fall into the water, and education and medical treatment were t

wo big problems, but such inconvenience and worries will never come back again.”



esidents who had to move away to make space for the Foxcon

campus were offered assistance in relocation and compensation by market value or higher. Yet some were still unhappy as their lives had been disrupted.

Moreover, the public has become aware of the spiraling costs for the new job opportunities. It is estimated that each new job created could cost the gove

rnment as much as $1 million, eight times the average amount of subsidies local governments offer to similar projects.

Officials who had worked on the deal said the ince

ntive package should be viewed as an investment made by the state rather than free money for the company.

However, statistics showed that citizens might see a return on their Foxconn investment in 2042 at the earliest, accor

ding to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, a nonpartisan agency that provides economic analysis to the Wisconsin state legislature.

Many local residents felt it was a waste of money and called on governments to reth

ink their package and put the money into other social benefit projects such as education.

“It’s a lousy deal, and we’re going to have to hold Foxconn’s feet to the fire going forward,” Wisconsin’s Governor-elect Tony Evers said.



Vale ore dam collapse At least 58 people were kille

  The first scene [vale ore dam collapse Killing at least 58 people were

killed, 305 missing 】 on January 25th noon local time

minas gerais state in southeastern Brazil bloom matte new city a waste dam

bursts, up to now, the accident has killed 58

people, another 256 people missing.Dam burst of ore belongs to the vale of Latin

America’s first big mining ind

ustry company, the dam is mainly used to store ore mining as produced by the

industrial slag, the total of about 12.3 mi

llion cubic meters.Ore after the dam burst, a large number of mud and

industrial waste into the office area near th

e vale of one place, it is also the main cause of the accident so more deadly.The cause of the accident investigation is still un

der investigation, but adverse vale’s management thought is directly related with the accident, after all, three years ag

o minas another affiliated with vale ore dam, there was a similar accident the Brazilian government has frozen vale ne

arly $1.5 billion in assets, used for emergency rescue and post-disaster reconstruction.(reporter Guo Hao)



Guangshen railway into a small program that pay

On January 20, TechWeb 】 【 the Spring Festival is coming, is mighty army of Spring F

estival.Reported on alipay, this year Spring Festival, the train can brush qr code like subway rides.Connect inter-city railway today announced that Januar

y 21, passengers don’t have to buy tickets in advance, pay treasure to small program on the cell phone can brush yards in

to the station directly, forgot to take my id card also relations with America.

Guangshen seven stand along the railway, including guangzhou, guangzhou east,, ch

angping, dongguan zhangmutou, pinghu, shenzhen, is one of the busiest routes

in a large bay area of guangdong.In general, have every 20 minutes, an hour.

At present, shenzhen intercity railway was all

stations have support pay treasure to code by bus.Before the bus, passengers opened the alipay APP, search “

guangshen inter-city and code”, according to clew brush face complete identity authentication, open the related functi

on.On the day of travel can directly use pay treasure to brush yards into the station, don’t need to the window and automati

c machines, standing in line to buy tickets also need not buy tickets online in advance.

Passengers brush yards after the success of the station, will receive a text message, told

the recent train number and seat number.Pit stops according to the second class costs

withholding all the way, after arriving at our destination, billing system will produce according to the price.

Alipay, brush yards to whole process takes onl

y 3 seconds, compared to before the window waiting in line to buy tickets, and collect the tickets, or buy a ticket online, t

he pit stop check id card and other process, it can save more than 15 minutes on average for every passenger.

In addition, pay treasure to say, in order to effectively prevent scalpers, by train, on the

ticket, stop all need to use id authentication.And pay treasure to the system o

n the basis of combined with “brush face” authentication technology level and the f

inancial ability of security technology, can ensure that the passengers is the ticket for himself.



Cristiano ronaldo stadium again encounter may

  ristiano ronaldo stadium again encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, netizen: just to rub heat!In

today’s football, ronaldo is one of the most top player

s, the world footballer of the year, best players, such as top scorer award have

been soft, ronaldo’s talent, no doubt, he has a strong physique, techniq

ue is very comprehensive, leaves his free-kick can make any a goalkeeper.In June

2009, ronaldo was worth 96 million euro transfer to real Ma

drid football club, and step by step, where he became the king on the pitch.Although ronaldo belongs to a talented player but

his football career attitude, is anyone would doubt.

  Ronaldo’s terrible place first is indomitable willpower.Childhood

relentlessness, losing the will practice has been late into

the night.And never forget the beginner’s mind for many years, self-discipline self-improvement, the pursuit of

perfection.Winning the day also will back to the

training ground.His NBA players headed an invincible bounce level terror, foot is

balanced, free kick, long shots, pace, positional sense, little short board, not the

dental laboratories of basic training never reach him so comprehensive skills.Cristiano ronaldo stadium again

encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, net friend: just to heat.

  Second C Luo Qiu quotient is very high.Manchester united’s cristiano

ronaldo period, like dropping the ball the ball assists and sh

ot all the way, a “grand slam” honor to join his childhood dream came to the

downturn of the bernabeu.More teams, players change, different tactical

requirement, ronaldo has been adjust yourself to adapt to real Madrid.Scientific

discipline yourself, get rid of the flashy dribbling, communicate and coordinate

with teammates more do play a more simple and effective football.There is no doubt that ronaldo has been successful,

dazzling data can explain the result,

the process is ronaldo’s perfect performance.No matter before and after

the transformation in recent years has been a steady high levels of play.

  Actually cristiano ronaldo has just joined the reds in time, he was just a like to play live young

, a lot of slick movement is offensive to the fans, but now the cristiano ronaldo has

shrugged off the young ignorance, became one of the greatest players

today.As the growth of the age, cristiano ronaldo is also in constant progress,

ronaldo’s success is his persistent peak, at the age of 30 can also defending a

golden ball, visible how cristiano ronaldo.Cristiano ronaldo stadium again

encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, net friend: just to heat.



Shadow Replacement Miracle Brother? Chongqing major

The name of the live broadcasting studio was changed to temporarily go to liquids and call major back.

At the same time, four people arrived in Chongqing. The official imbatv blog confirmed the new

s. It is estimated that the major in Chongqing will see three wings gather in Chongqing this time.

A daily question to see how much you know about DOTA

TI8’s official documentary is really sad Prince’s last lonely eyes, ah, two runners-up, you still go to s

ee it for yourself, will always call back, I hope that LGD will continue to move forward, I hope this year do not let go of the championship shield

EH just won the championship and went to Chongqing without stopping. Team leader ability of Ma

ster 8 has been recognized by everyone. I hope that this time Chongqing major and eh can keep in good condition and continue to achieve

good results. China dota refuels. The first contest will always stay at home. Everyone will eat hot pot together at that time.